Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The response has been incredible.

Jones Turkey and Gravy Soda
The response to the Turkey & Gravy Jones Soda has been incredible. Thank you for your interest and patience in regards to this soda. We apologize if you were not able to get your hands on the Turkey & Gravy Jones Soda. Since this was a premium edition with limited quantities in Michigan and Washington region, we sold out pretty quickly. However, due to the huge interests from our consumers, we will be better prepared to meet everyone's need next year.
Turkey and gravy soda is something that's right up there on the list of things I absolutely must do before I die, right up there with gouging my eyes out with red hot pokers and experiencing the pain of a Viking Blood Eagle first hand, so I was heartbroken to see that its not available locally.

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Russet Shadows said...

I agree. That has got to be the nastiest soda flavor I have ever heard of.