Friday, May 18, 2007

The democrat's military mole surfaces

Read through that article posted at ThinkProgress. The mole is exactly who I thought it would wind up being -- Fallon. If Bush has any sense at all, he'll remove this guy ASAP. He'll be doing everything in his power to throw monkey wrenches Petraeus's way.


You will recall that Fallon was in command in the Pacific when THE CHINESE SUBMARINE INCIDENT occurred, and is the architect/advocate of a harebrained scheme of "military cooperation" with the PRC (in which the PRC never reciprocated after we showed them all of our family jewels)
...The incident is a setback for the aggressive U.S.-China military exchange program being promoted by Adm. Fallon, who has made several visits to China in recent months in an attempt to develop closer ties.

However, critics of the program in the Pentagon say China has not reciprocated and continues to deny U.S. military visitors access to key facilities, including a Beijing command center...


MikeT said...

What Bush should have done is to delegate his position as commander-in-chief to Petraeus. It's been done before by John Adams. He delegated that authority to George Washington when it looked like war was on the horizon.

MikeT said...

Another advantage of doing what I just suggested is that technically as acting CiC of at least the forces in Iraq, Petraeus would have the authority to formulate his own policies independently of the Bush Administration. That means that a military man could actually order our troops to play hardball without worrying about public opinion.