Saturday, April 14, 2007

When your number is up, its up

Poor SOB lived in the Acreage, not too far from where I've been working lately. I saw a tire fly off a car years ago on I15, but that one came off axle and all and ended without incident. Everyone managed to steer clear of the gyrating thing.

Miami Herald
At the moment he was struck down, William Corum had his back to the highway.

Which is why he didn't see the tire coming as he worked 1,000 feet away.

But it flew toward him at about 60 mph, according to Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Roger Reyes.

''It was a total freak accident,'' said Corum's sister, Donna Cheatham. ``It's like a massive area and to have bee-lined right to him is just incredible. He could've been five inches one way or the other and it would've missed him.''

The tire struck his right side, rim and all, rolled up Corum's back to his head and knocked him unconscious. That was a week ago today. He died four days later, on Easter Sunday[...]

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