Sunday, April 01, 2007

A most incredible car crash

I've seen a lot of car crashes over the years, with lots of white sheets pulled over victims, but there's only a very small handful that really stick in my mind as being remarkable, or as in the case of one that happed yesterday...comical.

A guy driving a roach coach (a truck that goes to work sites with food and drinks) is slowing down to make a turn and a moron in a pickup truck tailgating him smacks him from behind at maybe 15mph. That part was unremarkable, typical rear ender crash caused by an idiot with minimal damage to both vehicles right?

What happened next was hilarious. Apparently the roach coach driver's foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal HARD - that truck lurched forward accelerating like it had a rocket assist. It zoomed across the side road he was trying to turn onto, clipped a phone pole and wound up in a small canal.

That dude poured out of the cab of his truck like a swarm of angry hornets and the guy who hit him had a "oh boy, I really fucked up this time" look on his face that was priceless as I continued by. Both drivers seemed unharmed, so I did just continue by not wanting to get mixed up in the middle of an aggravated assault. The guy in the lunch truck was really hot.


6billionghosts said...


adam knows how to drive. i can only appreciate his skill and dexterity by intution because i haven't done much driving. he makes playful swings of the wheel seem fun and not scary. when we were driving down the street i trusted him. when the car was about to collide with us head-on i trusted him. i trusted him when he swung the wheel to the left and turned onto a side street i was not ready to die. i trusted him to protect us from death and dying and the cold and becoming homeless. i've known adam for a long time and he

Purple Avenger said...

I don't trust nobody 6 - that every other vehicle is out there trying to kill me is the attitude I take ;->

Adi said...

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