Friday, April 06, 2007

What's wrong with this story?

Are they having an outbreak of stupid up in Alaska these days?

A wolf, that would be a large carnivorous wild canine type wolf not a cuddly cartoon Mr. Rogers neighborhood wolf, snatches your poofy little rat dog for a snack and you decide to go wandering around the same woods where the abduction occurred?

This is like one of those cheap slasher flicks where the victim(s) say "I'll go outside and check it out", and you're sitting there in your seat thinking "dead man".

A black wolf snatched a small dog near a Juneau lake and ran into the woods with it, U.S. Forest Service rangers said. A woman was walking three dogs Tuesday at Mendenhall Lake when the wolf grabbed the unleashed Pomeranian then dashed off with the dog in its jaws. The woman unsuccessfully searched for the dog, which has not been seen since.[...]


MikeT said...

Dude! That would have made ONE HELL OF A YOUTUBE VIDEO! That would have made the top 10 of Youtube videos within a day, tops!

I am surprised she didn't find the wolf puking up a hairball...

Sunni Kay said...

And had she found the wolf, and lost the fight, then it would have been a classic example of natural selection and the survival of the fittest.