Friday, April 20, 2007

My monster staghorn fern

I can't belive I'm plant blogging now...but I just noticed this staghorn fern that sits in one of my mahogany trees has gotten huge. I don't normally pay much attention to what's out in the yard, but this fellow is extrordinary. It started out as a little tyke about the size of an orange, and now its taken over the whole base of the tree. That pick is clickable for a larger image.

Another kinda cool plant in the yard is the century plant. Deadly buggers. Those black tips on the end of the leaves are sharp as a needle. Put one of these suckers in front of a window and no burglar is coming through it. A few years ago I had one of these decide to flower (a rare event). It shot up a stalk that was higher than the roof that had the flower on it, then eventually dropped hundreds of little babies on the ground.

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