Monday, April 02, 2007

Pakistanis tire of AQ presense

The Pak's are finding out that terrorists "guests" are like fish. About time. All they had to do is look at Lebanon when the PLO were their guests in the 70's.

Thousands of Pakistani tribesmen vowed to expel foreign al Qaeda-linked militants from their lands on the Afghan border on Monday and to punish any tribesmen helping the foreigners.

Fighting broke out between the foreign militants, most of them believed to be Uzbeks, and Pashtun tribal fighters last month in the South Waziristan region after the militants tried to kill a pro-government tribal leader.

Government officials say more than 170 people have been killed, most of them Uzbek militants, although residents in the area say the toll has been lower.

Members of all nine clans of the Wazir tribe, many of whom support the predominantly Pashtun Taliban in Afghanistan, met in the region's main town, Wana, and pledged to fight the foreigners. The Waziris are the main tribe in the region.

"They were our guests but later they turned into our enemies as they started killing our people," a witness cited tribal leader Mohammad Sharif as telling the 4,000 tribesmen.[...]

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