Sunday, July 30, 2006

Waco TX -- lynching resolution irks, commissioners walk out

A resolution against lynching would seem to be a slam dunk with 100% support these days, but NOOOO, not in the enlightened international megalopolis of Waco TX.

Waco has a checkered past when it comes to heavy handed tactics -- being the site of the Davidian debacle early in the Clinton administration when Torch Reno ordered the final solution to the Davidian problem.

One might think Waco officials would be more sensitive to heavy handed oppressive measures -- like lynching -- because of all the notoriety the Davidians brought the area. Apparently not. Lynching apparently still has its defenders in Waco.

After McLennan County Commission passed a resolution in May condemning lynching, it appears that resolution is still a hot debate.

Tuesday several county commissioners walked out of the meeting.

In protest, three commissioners walked out of court today after commissioner Lester Gibson asked them if the resolution can't be posted on the courthouse wall, then why are there unapproved items hanging on almost every floor.


M. Simon said...

Totally OT on this thread but I thought you might like some speculations on what the incompetent Israelis are really up to.

Very short version. The defeat of Syria and Iran.

Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy

MikeT said...

Hey, the just want to keep their options open for when Janet Reno comes to town to do some campaign trail stumping for the next Clinton

Purple Avenger said...

They need to make sure their sprinklers are working if Torch Reno is coming to town ;->