Thursday, July 20, 2006

French geologists claim rocks are alive

Well, they're geologists, so that makes it "science". What's next? PETR - People for the Ethical Treatment of Rocks? The construction industry will have fits over this as protesters flock to concrete plants and stone quaries demanding "rights for rocks". After all - "rocks are people too".
French geologists Arnold Rheshar and Pierre Escollet...Moreover, the French claim stones can breathe, to a certain extent. Taking one “breath” takes them from three days to two weeks. And each of their “heartbeats” lasts about three days. The scientists say they gathered photographic evidence clearly indicating that stones could move...One of the stones is reported to have moved for 2.5 centimeters in two weeks’ time. The geologists stubbornly maintain that stones are living organisms...
H/T Across Difficult Country


drummaster2001 said...

remember rule number one- never listen to the french.

Elmer's Brother said...

I knew a few rocks in school.

OT - saw your interview at Beaks..good one

Purple Avenger said...

I've been watering a pile of rocks for three weeks now and can't see anything. All I got is a pile of wet rocks.