Friday, July 21, 2006

Poll: Pali's overwhelming support kidnappings/rocket attacks

Lets face it, when you're dumb you're dumb. The Pali's as a people have supported the losing side of every major conflict in the mid-east for the past 50+ years, so their judgment is obviously suspect. Damn, 50 years of collective stupid is a long time.

News24(South Africa)
...showed that 77% of respondents supported an operation two weeks ago in which Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was snatched by three militant groups - including the armed wing of the governing Hamas party.

Only 21% said they opposed it.

Furthermore, two thirds of respondents supported a repeat of such action "as a suitable response within the current political conditions", compared with 30% who rejected it as harmful to Palestinian interests...

Sixty percent of those questioned also supported the continuation of firing rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, with 36% rejecting it.

The poll indicated a slight, three-percent-rise in support for the Hamas party to 33%.

The poll was based on a representative sampling of 1 197 people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and carried a three-percent margin of error.

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