Sunday, July 02, 2006

Railroad killer to be executed on 4th of July

Illegals -- they're just here to work. We got more than enough homegrown serial killers that we really don't need to be importing them.

How about if you're deported more than twice and have a criminal record, you get a free lifetime vacation at ClubFed? Works for me.

Houston Chronicle
On Tuesday, Maturino Resendiz, 45, is to be executed for the rape-murder of Claudia Benton...

After his first brush with U.S. law in 1976, Maturino Resendiz, a Mexican national, was deported 17 times and sentenced to prison or jail seven times.

He has been linked, through confessions and other evidence, to the deaths of 13 people, dating to at least March 1997...Dozens of other law enforcement agencies across the nation have scrutinized him as a possible suspect in unsolved homicides.

The true death toll of Maturino Resendiz's years on the rails may never be known..."

There was a big argument going back and forth over his sanity," said juror Kristin Roland. "We must have gone over that 19 times. If he was insane and didn't think he was doing anything wrong, he wouldn't have been trying to elude authorities."...

On May 22, 2000, the jurors deliberated one hour and 45 minutes before sentencing Maturino Resendiz to death.

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