Sunday, July 09, 2006

Liberal "compassion" evicting homeless center...

...because Ted Hayes happens to be a republican. He also happens to be a black man. We all know that black republicans cause liberals to slip a cog and go into a vicious slurring attack mode.

Read about it here
...What is the cause of this phenomenon of Democrats persecuting Republican Blacks? What is it that the Democrats don't want Black folks to understand about Republicans? What is it that the Democrats don't want American Blacks to know about Democrats? There seems to be so sort of cover up going on.

Even homeless people are punished for their political persuasion to Republicanism.

Case in point! I happen to be the founder and director of the most unique, progressive and innovative homeless facility in the United States known as the Dome Village located in downtown Los Angeles, only 2 blocks from the World renown Staples Center.

The Dome Village with its 35 residents of homeless men, women, children and American Veterans along with their animal pets are being "evicted" from the privately owned property.

Apparently, the reason for the sudden eviction by the landlord is due to my political beliefs and activities.

You see, though I am America's leading homeless activist, roles that usually have been reserved for liberals, I am "a conservative" Republican and an avid member of the GOP and strong supporter of President Bush, particularly his foreign and middle east policies (Afghanistan / Iraq).

Recently, I was invited to address the Bel Air Republican Women's Club. After the landlord read an article in the Los Angeles Times about my visit with these wonderful ladies, he immediately raised the rent from $2,500 to $18,330 a month. In essence an eviction notice.

I called the landlord asking about the seriousness of his notice, his reply was shocking. In his blind rage, he blurted that the cause of the "eviction" was that I am a Republican.

Along with several other nasty remarks about my political affiliation, he said that as a Democrat, he was tired of helping the Dome Village, and went on to say that if I was such a Republican and the Republicans care so much about me, let them help the homeless.

He is punishing homeless peoples simply for my expressed political beliefs. We have all been preached to by Democrats that theirs is the political party of compassion and tolerance. Right!

I have no contention with the landlord over his need for the land to sell or develop, or not. That is no concern of mine. It is my emphatic belief that the rights of private property owners are to be protected. I will defend and support him on that matter without question.

I will not seek to divest him of his property. In fact, though I could tie him up in court, I will not do such a dishonorable thing.

Had he simply said to me that he wanted his property back for whatever reason, of course, I would have said "absolutely" without hesitation, because that was our agreement 12 years ago.

However, he foolishly allowed his political prejudice and disdain for Republicans to drive him to enough madness to say the unspeakable, "Because you are Republican."

It appears to me these Republican hating Democrats have a special disgust for Blacks who choose be Republican. This phenomenon of Republican hating Democrats having a special disgust for Black Republicans is growing throughout the Democratic Party and needs to be stopped, it is un-American. They are condoning interracial philosophical prejudice – blacks hating blacks because of ideas. It's almost as bad as the current scourge of interracial lynching where blacks are killing blacks in the gang wars...


mark said...

Dude this poor me rebuplican stuff is getting to be pretty disgusting. If blacks dont like republicans maybe republicans need to check themselves. Also you guys do exactly what you claim black dems which is spit out repub talking points without real plan of action on how to help us. I got no beef with black people being repubs I just wish you wouldnt imitate the repub platform verbatim. Also it would nice if you would call repubs when they muck up or steal from the public which you dont do.

Purple Avenger said...

Also it would nice if you would call repubs when they muck up or steal from the public which you dont do.

You mean like THIS POST? or..