Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An Iraqi confronts the Code Pinkos

Yea, I know Free Republic and all that, blah, blah. Forget that shit - this man has a story to tell and its a good one. Click it. Click it NOW. Click it like a VIKING!



Libertas said...

I salute the commentary of this young man and his courage in fighting those who would silence or ignore their critics rather than address the legitimate issues they raise.

Perhaps some of his friends at Free Republic could take a lesson from his example. During the 2004 election I submitted several pieces to Free Republic that were very critical of John Kerry. They were enthusiastically received and I got dozens of positives comments on each piece. I was pleased so I kept sending in pieces and they kept getting applause. But then I committed heresy. I wrote one piece that was mildly critical of Dick Cheney’s relationship to Halliburton. This time no cheers. The supposedly “Free” Republic folks refused to even publish it. They went further. They took down all of my popular posts railing against Kerry and blocked me from the system. I was surprised at their reaction since the criticism was very mild compared to my critiques of Kerry. I contacted the moderators repeatedly but got no response. It seems moonbats aren’t the only ones who will brook no dissent and are reflexively intolerant of anyone who sings a single note out of tune. I concluded that such folks were less concerned with a “free” Republic than “their” Republic. Ignorance and intolerance are not evil solely when the other guy does it. They are evil period.

This young Iraqi was cogent, lucid and well justified in his opinions, but I fear that not all his colleagues are so noble or so correct. But they are “politically correct” after their own fashion.

Purple Avenger said...

I personally think the Cheny/Halliburton thing is overblown somewhat.

When you look at who the players in the oil field services industry are, Halliburton is one of the biggest. They got some cash in the bank, they got staff. This alone is sufficient to qualify them when you need something done FAST.

Going with a low bid vendor isn't always the most economical in the long run if that vendor caves on you or runs short of cash halfway through the gig. The street in front of my development was left torn up for 6 years because a low bid vendor went belly up and couldn't finish the job. This sort of thing happens all the time, so its not easy to dismiss. In the case of Iraq, having a vendor who could leave you in the lurch could be disasterous.

Its kind of like having a pipe burst in your ceiling. The plumber who gets the job is the one who answers their phone and has the tools and parts on hand to deal with it. You don't always shop around.

That being said, I think censoring posts or banning people is unconscionable in other than the most dire situation. A simple POV difference is not what I consider dire enough.