Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Canadian homelessness 3X that of the USA?

Here we have the CBC pitching the notion that there's 250,000 canadians "living in the streets". OK, I'll take them at their word on that.

Given the Canadian population this works out to about 1:131 Canadians "living in the street".

Now we see a new HUD survey coming up with a figure of about 1:400 for homeless in the USA.

Ain't socialism grand? High unemployment, comatose economies, and now high homeless rates as well. I must admit, that's a real winning combination if you're trying to run a country into the ground. Kudos to Canada - the "plan" is working!


Canuckster said...

See for the homeless search engine. Please give this helpful humanitarian web site address to panhandlers and homeless people (they can use free computer/internet at local library). is the disaster search engine (sometimes people are left homless after war, poverty, flooding, house/forest fires, emergency evacuations, hurricanes, etc).

Purple Avenger said...

Anyone who gives any money to blog spamming leaches, such as the one above, is so stupid they need to be put in a cage and poked with sharp sticks.