Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Virginia

Worth a look. The guy was an amateur and obviously a little scared doing this preliminary recon and it shows in the writing and pics, but its still informative.

Might this be a muslim version of the whole David Koresh saga? It sounds odd, real odd.


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Baron Bodissey said...

Purple Avenger -- repeating what I said on gates of Vienna:

I'm sorry I had to delete your comment, for security reasons, based on the advice of law-enforcement contacts.

It's no reflection on what you had to say, but Jamaat al-Fuqra has made me realistically paranoid. These guys specialize in targeted assassination, after all.

Additional info: The area is way too rural for what you're talking about; I would not be able to achieve local cover that easily. People instantly know a stranger in a place like that (I ought to know; I live in a similar one).

Also, there is a good reason for paranoia. The woman who was my main source was so afraid she had me remove a photo which showed her car. She's a local resident, and knows what the deal is.

I am indeed an amateur, but I am now consulting with a major LEO expert. That's why I took your comment down.

It was a good one, though! You can email me with similar information whenever you want.