Saturday, October 08, 2005

Idiot Dutch princess wants "negotiations" with AQ

Ah yes, the tired old "its the poverty" excuse for terrorism. What an abject CROCK OF SHIT.

Were this the case, the USA would be seeing waves of Haitian terrorists flooding into the country since Haiti is arguably poorer than any of the Arab countries. However, this is not the case. Haitians are indeed flooding in on all manner of dubious contraptions that (more of less) float, but they're NOT coming here to terrorize - they're coming here to grab a slice of the American dream for themselves - not to tear it down. The Haitians aren't stupid - if you want some help, the way to get it is not by blowing up the bank.

The grandness that is the USA was built by people who came here with NOTHING. Desperately dirt poor immigrants who came packing only hope, not material wealth. Never did they believe that they could terrorize themselves to prosperity. They did believe they might be able to work their way to it - AND THEY DID!

My suggestion to the princess is this: BUY A VOWEL, AND GET A CLUE.

de Volkskrant

For those not conversant in Dutch, like myself, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK to get an English translation.
The conflict between All Qa' ida and the West must become solved by peaces negotiations under supervision of an independent agent. This says princess Irene of Lip-Biesterfeld Saturday in the peoples paper...

...The causes of the islamic violence have to make according to Irene with poverty, trade barriers, wrong proportions. ‘The differences between the property and the property-nots its entire out balance.'


laura said...

‘The differences between the property and the property-nots its entire out balance.'

Well, YEAH.
That's why we're trying to create a nation of Haves in Have-Notville.

Go easy on her, she's probably never met any poor people.

Libertas said...

The Princess is indeed naive about negotiating with Al Qaeda but she has half a point. Poverty and political corruption do not cause terror any more than wetlands cause malaria. But the things are related. Unless a wetland fills with mosquitoes, no malaria. Unless these mosquitoes are the right species to vector the disease, no malaria. Unless the proper species is in fact infected with the disease, no malaria. Unless these infected mosquitoes have access to humans, no malaria outbreak will occur.

This is where your Haitian comparison breaks down. Haiti has the wetlands but lacks mosquitoes. For the sake of this tortured metaphor the Mosquito is Islam. Like most mosquitoes most Muslims are harmless. The proper species is Wahabism, which vectors the disease agent. That agent is the terrorist death cult. Unlike Haitians, Muslims are widely dispersed throughout the world.

Haitians don’t present a terrorist threat because they lack 4 out of 5 of the essential components. The Princess is right that terror and poverty are related, but she is wrong about the complexity of that relationship and is naive about what would be sufficient to eliminate it.

Before you decide to just eliminate swamps and mosquitoes you should consider a few things. If you eliminate all your wetlands you have ecological devastation. If you eliminate all mosquitoes you eliminate their pollination duties, and the role they play in the food chain, which is essential. If you try to poison them you end up killing all other forms of insects as well and polluting groundwater. The best way to fight Malaria is with mosquito nets. It’s not as impressive as draining swamps. It’s not as profitable to chemical companies as spraying insecticide. It’s not as satisfying as swatting an innocent non-disease carrying mosquito, but it is a far more effective way to combat the problem.

I know this is an imperfect metaphor but I hope it conveys the basic point. Islamo-fascist inspired terror is a complex problem with multiple variables all of which must be present for terrorism to reach dangerous levels. It is also counterproductive to fight it using self-defeating tactics that create further problems that are as bad or worse than the disease.

Purple Avenger said...

I don't buy your analogy.

Mosquitos are a critical link in the natural food chain. Dragonflys eat them, bats eat them, etc. ALL misquitos are are in fact harmless when hatched. Without the disease resevoirs in animals where they collect the disease, there would be no malaria.

IOW, they are necessary. It is the malarial pathogen, not the mosquito that is the problem.

Terrorism isn't "necessary" to the proper functioning of anything, but mosquitos are.

Adi said...

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