Saturday, October 08, 2005

North Korea in the counterfeit US currency business

The DPRK getting jiggy with Irish leftists is an interesting development.

If the DPRK is now in the counterfeit business, why do we need to give'em any aid or reactors? They can print up whatever cash they need to buy that stuff on the open market. I really get irked when someone tries to "double dip" me.

Sean Garland, 71, from Navan in County Meath, appeared at Belfast County Court on Saturday.

The US government alleges he and others bought, moved and either passed as genuine or re-sold high quality counterfeit $100 notes.

A defence lawyer said Mr Garland "strongly protested" his innocence.

The US authorites further allege that Mr Garland "arranged with North Korean agencies for the purchase of quantities of notes and enlisted other people to disseminate" the money, known as "superdollars", with the UK.

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