Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Your tax dollars turfing the swamp with dead sod

Some genius just decided to turf some of the bare spots along the levees in the swamp where I've been working for the last week. The sod contractor installed obviously burned and brown dead sods.

Ordinary weeds would be a much better choice, since the levees aren't really dirt, they're just crushed/compacted coral so there's nothing there for the grass to actually grow on and since the levees sit about 8' above the water line, they're going to drain fast and not hold enough water for the grass to really take hold. Weeds will grow almost anywhere on little water and are "native", but nooooooo, we had to buy dead lawn grass for a swamp.

I'm sure the alligators and ducks were impressed ;->

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MikeT said...

I'm sure we had to build a bridge that looked like a cousin of the golden gate bridge to connect a fifty resident-strong village in Alaska to the mainland. It's government, it's not supposed to make sense or be efficient. Just go down to your local post office like I just did if you need a reminder...