Sunday, March 25, 2007

After a hard day at the jihad a jihadi needs to unwind...

...with some high quality BOOZE.

Has there been a recent revision of the Koran I'm not aware of?

Just saying...

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Sabra said...

What is it, exactly, with just Johnny Walker and Smirnoff? When you buy booze in The Sandbox - highly illegal, of course - these are the two that are available. Expect to pay a lot. A bottle of Smirnoff runs 350 riyals - which is $93.83!!!

Or, one could purchase a gallon of what in the States is referred to as "white lightning” and that, too, goes for 350 riyals. Really, though, since you “cut” the “white” 50/50 with water, you’re getting two gallons for the price of one.

Not that I would ever purchase or condone purchasing these products and I don’t know the above for fact, but this is what I’ve heard… Umm hmmm. Yeah. Right.