Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dutch company offers free postage

This would be a smashing success if offered in the US. I certainly would use it since it kills two birds with one stone.

1) You get something free
2) It costs people you despise money.

Its a complete win/win for the public.

For Dutch consumers who wish to save 44 euro cents ($0.59) on posting a letter, there is a solution: an advertisement on the back of the envelope.

Dutch advertising company will begin offering consumers a pack of five envelopes with free stamps next month that they can use for standard letters up to 20 grams.

The envelopes carry advertisements on the back, and the person requesting them also has to agree to receive advertising by mail or email from the participating companies, a company spokesman said.

The company says the offer is unique in Europe.

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hydralisk said...

That's the kind of brilliant idea that seems so obvious once you hear it that you can almost believe there must have been some conspiracy to keep it from getting out.