Friday, March 09, 2007

Government "efficiency" - $10,000 to shoot one elk

$16M divided by 1,500 animals is just over $10,000/animal to be eliminated. This is even worse than sodding the swamps.

Washington Times
[...]Officials at the park 60 miles northwest of Denver want to trim the herd to about 1,200 to 1,700 elk from an estimated 3,000. The solution recommended in a preliminary plan calls for employees or contractors to shoot elk at night or dawn with silencers, in part to keep the culling out of the public eye.

The estimated cost of the plan is $16 million to $18 million over 20 years and includes herding, fencing and monitoring the elk to prevent overgrazing.[...]


MikeT said...

Just release a few packs of wolves. I don't care about ranchers that might be affected. If they're on their own land, fine, but if they're on public land they can bloody well let their herd get demolished by the wolves for all I care. That's the price of being a mooch on the public teat.

Be it as it may, it'd be a godsend for us to have wolves here in Virginia. I hate our deer population. The more of those vermin get wiped out, the better. A small, manageable population 1/10 the size of what we have now is fine by me.

If I ever have to live in an area where deer have a habit of running out in the road again, I'll keep a collapseable stock AK-47 in my civic's trunk for "pest control" when no one is around.

MikeT said...

Oh and this news should make you giddy >:)

Purple Avenger said...

A few more guns in the hands of the good guys in D.C. certainly can't hurt any more than that retard policy (and astronomical murder rate) they've been saddled with for 30 years.

beakerkin said...

Just let the locals eat them. The game wardens up North sometimes look away if a poor family takes an extra one if it is done discreetly.