Thursday, March 15, 2007

Palm Beach elections still screwed up


When you've got software displaying bogus numbers, THAT. IS. A. SOFTWARE. ERROR. Mr. Fratello. Who are you trying to shit here? You shipped Palm Beach County untested crap, and being the morons they are, they didn't bother to do their own limits testing on your untested crap. This class of BUG, and the fact that it made it to the field, is so bush league and amateur that your lame ass company should be summarily fired. You are incompetent, period.

Pravda in Paradise
The company that designed the Palm Beach County Elections Web site took the blame Wednesday for a glitch that led to inaccurate results being displayed for some municipal races Tuesday night.

In an effort to give the Web site a "more crisp" appearance, a column for vote totals was inadvertently made too narrow to handle four-digit numbers and cut off the crucial digit in the thousands place, said Marc Fratello, chief executive officer of SOE Software Corp.

"It was a human error, not a software error
," Fratello said.

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