Monday, March 12, 2007

The Dalack Effect

A few miles north of me is the ordinarily sleepy little FL town of Tequesta, population approx 6,000. However, these days the Tequestians are fired up and itching for an election fight.

It seems moonbat extraordinaire, and now beclowned all around jaggoff, Basil Dalack, won a village councilman seat running unopposed. Nothing out of the ordinary there, lots of positions of this sort are won unopposed. Curiously though, in Dalack's case he refused to take the oath of office after his default win claiming a bunch of anti-war nonsense. Locals are less than impressed with Basil these days...
[...]Dalack - councilman-elect and councilman-unsworn - sued in federal court to have the oath declared unconstitutional.

His principled stand earned him face time on cable news channels, made him the subject of political Internet blogs and got him several radio interviews.

A federal judge ruled against Dalack in May. He appealed. Oral arguments before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals are set April 17 in Miami. Rumor is that Dalack will take it to the U.S. Supreme Court if he loses.

Left behind in the swirling political backwash, Tequesta suffers from the Dalack Effect: notoriety it didn't want, $102,017 in legal fees so far and, for lack of a fifth voting member, a tie vote on a half-dozen council issues including the annual budget and a union contract.

"He's gotten us a lot of publicity. Bad publicity," said Vice Mayor Tom Paterno, who is running for Seat 4. "Not very many people like him in this town."[...]

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