Friday, September 30, 2005

US ambassador to VE accuses Pentagon incompetence

"There is no such a thing like Plan Balboa (to invade Venezuela)," the ambassador said.

OK folks - lets chew on that heel rocking foggy bottom pinhead's remark for a few moments and consider what he is implying. This is the email I sent to the embassy asking for some clarification:

Is your statement really true?

If it is, there needs to be a congressional investigation into DoD planning shop incompetence ASAP.

As a US citizen, I DEMAND this this country's military have plausible, and periodically updated, contingency plans "on the shelf" for dealing with ANYTHING. To NOT have such a plan available for dealing with a potential VE problem is a disgrace and prima faci evidence of dereliction of duty on the part of someone at DoD.

The DoD planning aparatchick responsible for this flagrant lapse needs to be run out of town on a rail and replaced be someone competent to do the job. We do NOT need to get caught with our pants down like we did with that rush job crap in Granada.

Seriously - I would be disapointed if there weren't a contingency plan on the shelf somewhere for an invasion of Canada! This is the kind of stuff we pay Pentagon planners big bucks to think about. If we don't have a VE plan (one of the hot spots looking us in the face right now), what the hell DO we have any plans for?!?!

I really hate to think the US military is kinda "winging this shit" as it happens.

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