Friday, September 30, 2005

Mayor gives support for UFO landing strip

From WunderKraut

People in this sleepy hamlet are so sure they have been receiving other-worldly visitors, they want to build a UFO landing strip to welcome them.

...A bright green sign...two words: "Extraterrestrial Route."

...Most Puerto Ricans laughed...

...he's dedicated himself to building the UFO landing strip.

"I can't say exactly when they will come, but I know it will happen," Rios said. "I want to keep believing in my dreams."

Lajas Mayor Marcos Irizarry's support for the idea has provoked outrage among islanders who complained it would be a waste of money...
Is this a waste of money? Compared to other government projects - probably not. Certainly no worse than building $280M bridges in Alaska to islands with populations measured in the mid-double digits.

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