Saturday, September 17, 2005

Camp Casey stolen!


I'm laying 10:1 they clipped the shit themselves to generate some attention. Either that, or the "honor guard" was sleeping at the switch living it up intown whoring and drugging it up and was passed out for several days while the stuff walked off on its own.

Soon to appear on eBay: "Own your own piece of Camp Casey! (buyer pays shipping)"


CRAWFORD — The Camp Casey Memorial on Prairie Chapel Road was removed by thieves earlier today. Not a single item is left at the memorial site.
Crew members working for McLennan County said they witnessed items being removed by an unidentified individual and contacted their office to inform commissioners.

Upon arrival at Camp Casey, honor guard members who had been at the Crawford Peace House immediately called McLennan County Sheriff’s Deputy R. Polansky to report the theft.

Among the items stolen were numerous crosses, Casey Sheehan’s boots, tents, and other items.

The 26-day vigil of Cindy Sheehan outside the Bush ranch ended with a cross-country tour to spread the anti-war message. Camp Casey became a semipermanent memorial, to remain until the Veterans For Peace organization could establish a solemn removal ceremony.


SeanS said...

Oh, did I mention I'm having a big bonfire tonight? Everyone is invited. We are going to toast marshmallows and boots.

Knemon said...

"Casey Sheehan’s boots"

That's really not okay. Hope the absconders didn't know they were his.

(unless they had been turned into part of a larger "installation-art" piece. Then torch 'em.)