Thursday, September 08, 2005

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Q: What was this unit doing breaking into a secured building? Looters don't bother securing a building. LiveJournal has been blogging this since the beginning. It was no secret they were camped out in the office building. Were these guys looking to maybe liberate some of that expensive office electronics for themselves? Someone has to ask the question, so I will.

US Marshals & 82nd Airborn owned by geeks

The Marshall claimed that one of the emergency exits -- the one on the Lafayette Square side had been open. I knew this was bullshit. For one thing, Sig and I tied down and concealed that door. It would have taken a group of guys to open it. For another Lafayette Square is to the south of our building. The only lights visisble are from Poydras to the north. Am I to believe that they bypassed the obvious entrances (also locked down) to look for one they didn't even know existed and it just happened to be open?

No, they searched for a way in, and by the time they got around back and found the emergency exit, they were ready to break in, so they did.

"Wait, we secured that exit. That means that this building might have other people in it," I told them.

They all knew what was coming next. If it was their job to check on lights and movement to look for people who didn't belong there....

I asked them to sweep the building for us.

And they did. All 27 floors of it with no elevators.

If you want to play soldier with me, I will make you play it a lot longer than you had in mind.

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