Friday, September 23, 2005

French judge caught jerking off in court

My highschool French and vast Latin vocabulary (about 50 words) was good enough to realize there was PAYDIRT here. I think he should have gone with one of those penis pumps under the bench like that US judge did. Then its only a subdued whooshing sound. Sounds like this dude gave the gallery the full monty money shot.


Pumping that French news site's French text through some online translation program yielded:

Facing the Supreme Council for the Judiciary (CSM), in the impressive civil room of the final Court of appeals, the man, nevertheless magistrate himself, pains to defend itself.

The facts, that it has himself recognized, are confusing: in October 2003, the judge, then magistrate's assistant to the angoulême criminal court, is surprised delivering itself to the masturbation squarely audience. Denounced by the spouse of an answerable one, a journalist and an avocate, it as soon as is charged for sexual exhibition.

Since, it was declared penally irresponsible. The magistrate fainting, that has therefore benefitted from a non-place to the penal one, would not have no more, logically, undergo penalty disciplinaire, pled yesterday representing it ministry of justice, Patrice Davost...blah, blah, blah

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speedster1 said...

Shouldn't that be "penily irresponsible?"