Monday, November 21, 2005

The Clueless Cavalcade! -- an ongoing Purple Avenger feature

I've decided to implement a running post that I'll update as new oblivions present themselves as ripe targets for scorn and derision.

I present to you Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau. Weapons grade crazy. Industrial strength stupid.
...pleaded guilty Friday to defacing cars with bumper stickers supporting President Bush...pleaded guilty to felony mischief and must pay restitution to the owners of the damaged cars to clear his record.


Los Angeles school district has a 50% dropout rate.
WTF?!?! You thought Lousiana was tops in corruption and ineptness? Meet the new king of the hill folks - the LA School District. (H/T Nickie Goomba)

WaPo's Dana Milbank - biased hack, liar and more!
Ace does the smackdown. Good stuff. Brent Bozell has another good Milbank smackdown too.

One letter in Pravda in Paradise (i.e. The Palm Beach Post) today struck me as clueless in the extreme. This dude apparently thinks the US military is a bunch of amateur rubes who go off to war equipped like a cub scout troop. Apparently he's never heard of all the NBC gear we have that generally make chem weapons an annoyance rather than a deadly threat. Jeez, 30 years ago in BCT at Ft. Dix I learned how to deal with this stuff.

It should be noted that the Post's editorial staff could have used this letter as an opportunity to have a "teachable moment" for the readers -- but they chose otherwise.

Palm Beach Post letters to the editor
If Iraq really had WMD, Bush did the unthinkable

The president was very sure that there were no weapons of mass destruction and no danger of biological or chemical attacks on our troops in Iraq ("Bush blasts critics on Iraq," Nov. 12). He was so sure that he had no qualms about sending them in.

Patently, he believed the intelligence of other nations and that ours was flawed. He was so sure the troops would be safe that he did not need to let the inspectors finish their investigation. Not even a rabid Democrat would accuse the president of sending American forces in without assurance of their safety from these terrible weapons. It would be better for conservatives to admit that the president deliberately used intelligence that he knew was false than to accuse him of recklessly endangering U.S. personnel.


Lake Park


beth cioffoletti said...

you obviously do not know who Fr. Muccilli is and where he has been and what he has done in his life.

Purple Avenger said...

you obviously do not know who Fr. Muccilli is and where he has been and what he has done in his life

So? He's still a clueless jackass with no idea what our military capability is because our troops DID go in with all the appropriate MOP gear to deal with WMD and make them annoyance rather than "recklessly endangering".

Purple Avenger said...

BTW, I work for a company located in Lake Park, so maybe that makes you a presumptious jackass as well.