Sunday, November 20, 2005

But don't question their patriotism!

Grey Eagle
Congratulations To Those Who Oppose The Soldiers

I wish to express my congratulations to the hackers, vandals, and anti-war visitors who successfully blocked my ability to post any further tributes to the soldiers. I am sure you find victory in preventing myself and others from having a place to read and pay our respects to the Fallen Female Soldiers, and my brother’s in arms, the brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. I can only imagine your satisfaction in justifying the disgrace of men and women who died for this country. You may not feel it was justified, but they gave their lives believing in what they were doing. Apparently freedom of speech is merely a phrase to you, not something you believe, in unless it applies to you...

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Anna said...

Purple Avenger,
Thank you for passing along the information about Grey Eagle. The results have been amazing and they are still continuing! Thank you for being a part of it.
The Right Place Contributor