Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mahmoud Abbas: dead man walking

Now that Abbas has outlawed Hamas, how much longer can it be until he gets his 72 virgins delivered in the form of a car bomb?

I must admit, the guy has a lot more stones than I ever thought he did. He'll never make it until new years of course, and the corpse won't be fit for viewing, but its a heckuva gesture.


medvegonok said...

How do you call to uprising of Palestinians agains Palestinians?

Purple Avenger said...

Civil war ;->

beakerkin said...

I predicted this over a year ago. Hamas is acting like Troskyites with a Koran. Killing political opponets and labeling them traitors and perpetual revolution is classic Trotskyism. Hamas is just as anti semitic as your typical commie but more honest.