Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stem cell research pays off -- fake boobies that aren't fake!

Scientists are growing customized breast implants from stem cells. Recipe: Extract stem cells from your fat, mix them with regular fat cells, grow them into fatty tissue, and inject it into your breasts. It's been tried on nearly 40 women so far with no serious ill effects. Rationales: 1) These implants are natural; they're really yours. 2) They won't leak, as old silicone implants do. 3) They won't shrink if we can grow them with built-in blood vessels, thanks to the stem cells. Caveats: 1) We don't know yet how they'll hold up over the long term. 2) So far, we can only grow them to half the size of a synthetic implant...

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beakerkin said...

Who says there is no serious scientific research.