Monday, February 05, 2007

Mohammed's wisdom

Over at ITM, Mohammed has written a piece that contains a very telling observation.
I can swear none of the victims in these attacks had any connection to the fighting among the rivals; like Amir Taheri said the other day, this is not a sectarian war but a war of the sectarians; fanatics and extremists start the fight but innocents who never thought of carrying arms to kill people of other faiths are paying the heavier price.


MikeT said...

It will not stop until the Muslims decide that they love peace more than anything else. They will then turn on their radicals and either kill them or turn them in to the authorities for prosecution. Until then, the Islamic community bears the blame for not policing its own. It's too large of a conflict for them to have the excuse that they just don't know where the radicals are.

Purple Avenger said...

Fear is a powerful thing Mike.

I took many years before Palm Beach managed to take down a particular drug ring that was doing a lot of murders about 10 years ago. They murdered the competition and witnesses with impunity. The police and legal system were apparently powerless when the witnesses kept getting killed or suddenly developed memory loss because they were scared.

That happened in the USA. Not too far from where I live.