Friday, February 02, 2007

The Hands of God - a martyr who stood tall

Go read the story of an ordinary Iraqi who should be a candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. How can one abandon people of such resolve? I am humbled.

Michael Yon
[...]The bomb strapped to his body was studded with ball-bearings so that he could kill more villagers as they gathered for prayer[...]

[...]The Martyr walked up to the murderer and lunged into a bear hug, on the spot where we were now standing. The blast ripped the Martyr to pieces which fell along with pieces of the enemy. Ball-bearings shot through the alley and wounded two children, but the people in the mosque were saved. The man lay in pieces on the ground, his own children having seen how his last embrace saved the people of the village[...]

Another Martyr story HERE. This time an Iraqi policeman who did a fatal embrace with a vest bomber.

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