Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Very cool -- jet engine simulation from NASA

While stumbling through a bunch of links researching pulse jets - specifically the Lockwood-Hiller design that has no moving parts (Lockwood eliminated the petal valve...the only moving part in a traditional pulse jet) I ran across this sim for a turbo-jet engine.

Its a Java applet, so you'll need to enable Java on your browser.

NASA Glenn Research Center
With this software you can investigate how a jet (or turbine) engine produces thrust by interactively changing the values of different engine parameters[...]


Eric Wilner said...

Cool indeed! I downloaded the maximally-fancy Java-app version and have been playing with it a bit.
Now I feel the urge to dig into the code and see what other information can be displayed from within the calculations... and to investigate why, in its model, high-bypass turbofans don't throttle worth beans. (This may match reality, for all I know; I'm curious as to why.)

Giles said...

Try this, really easy user interface for simulation of jet engine paramters