Monday, August 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse - "(drug) Rehab is a cop-out"

This girl needs a bit more than rehab. She needs a 7x24 keeper.

Daily Mail
[...]The 23-year-old, who is notorious for her wild partying, was treated in a London hospital last week after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and the horse tranquiliser ketamine[...]

[...]Rehab is a cop-out[...]


MikeT said...

I'm surprised she did not achieve perfect equilibrium with that many uppers and downers in her system. Her body wouldn't know which way to go!

Purple Avenger said...

Yea, it was quite a combo. That's what got my attention. I'm not really into the celeb blogging thing unless its something really extraordinary.

digitalbrownshirt said...

She's one of those celebrities I only know about because of their screwed up lives. She's a singer right?

Purple Avenger said...

Yep, a singer over in England.

Annie said...

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