Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When schools say they "need more money"

Look at the engineering and plans for their previous and ongoing construction projects. There's a good chance, very good, that they're throwing money away hand over fist spec'ing methods and materiels that are gross overkill or just wasteful.

The little town I grew up in spent $80,000 on landscaping their new bus barn at the high school. The bus barn sits across the road in the woods and isn't even visible from the road or the highschool.

I'm going to write more on this construction waste issue. I have to go waste some Florida taxpayer money now on a gross overkill FDOT project...

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drummaster2001 said...

where i live, the k-8 schools waste money on people called 'curriculum supervisors'. they make 6 figures and do absolutely nothing. the district only takes away music and art programs [which are award winners in national competition] and fire janitors who are well liked by everyone even after they said 'pass the budget and they can keep theit jobs'.