Sunday, June 25, 2006

One moonbat that won't be missed

This one was a particularly virulent strain of moonbat -- prone to lightening the public's wallet by rather large amounts very quickly. Her abuses make the whole Kosola kerfluffle look like a cub scout picnic.

Q: Why would someone who just landed such a phat deal, with such sweet perks, take a flyer off the roof?

A: I'd guess there were criminal fraud indictments pending.

Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton, apparently despondent over work and personal issues, died Saturday after she jumped from the roof of a 42-story San Francisco apartment building, police said...


Anonymous said...

How disrepectful! Her compensation package wasn't any different than the thousands of straight, male "moonbats" who preceded her. There were/are no criminal indictments pending. You have no idea what may have caused this horrific ending. She accomplished more in her life than you'll ever be able to imagine. Grow up and learn to be respectful.

Purple Avenger said...

There were/are no criminal indictments pending

Who are you? Fucking Kreskin?

I've got a masters degree from UCSD and people like this make me vomit. They've bled the system dry and raped the CA taxpayers for years. Fuck'em.

If you want sensitivity for dead systemic leeches, look elsewhere. You won't find it here.

happyinthemiddle said...

Anonymous, why should we respect this woman? I respect that she did the right thing (for her anyway) and offed herself. Hopefully, Gaia, is cradling her in her bosom as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Well, Purple, aren't you special, a masters! Now, I understand, you're pissed off you can't make $270kk with your degree. Life isn't fair, is it. Did you know that UW just hired a new President (white, male) for $470k, w/a relocation payment of $160k and a whole string of other perks. Makes UC system look a bit more reasonable doesn't it. Maybe when you can get an undergraduate, masters and doctorate from MIT you can talk about sytemic leeches. What can't you be honest and write why you really hate this OUT lesbian woman. Who do you think was paying the folks at UCSD where you got your apparently prized degree. (by the way, your degree doesn't impress me, I out degree you by a masters and doctorate and, clearly, wisdom0

Purple Avenger said...

Did you know that UW just hired a new President (white, male) for $470k, w/a relocation payment of $160k and a whole string of other perks

Sounds like the people who hired him should be shot, then he should be drawn and quartered for raping the taxpayers. UW has been a hotbed of moonbatism for decades, so I'm not suprised. I will say however, that the best Gyros sandwich I ever had was in Madison. That cheap Edlweis beer the students buy is real pisswater though.

Here's a clue: it ain't a female thing with me asshole, its a leech thing.