Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OPLAN 5029 -- paralysys in DPRK collapse

Here's the joint "plan" we have with the ROK if the DPRK were to collapse for whatever reason. Its a pretty simply plan -- the plan is that there is no agreed upon plan.

If the ROK thinks they can handle that situation on their own, I'm more than willing to let'em do it. I'm also more than willing to let'em do it without any subsequent US aid. 50 years worth of training wheels should be quite enough, particularly for a "partner" who seems ready to get cozy with the PRC.

Global Security
OPLAN 5029 [also designated Con Plan 5029] is the US-ROK Combined Forces Command to prepare for the collapse of North Korea. The plan is reported to feature preparations by the South Korean and US forces to manage an inflow of North Korean refugees and other unusual situations if the North Korean regime collapses[...]

[...]The United States had asked that the plan be approved in 2004. It would have given the United States command over South Korean military assets in the event of rioting, mass defections or a government collapse in the impoverished North. US officials reportedly had argued that the contingency plan was necessary to secure sensitive nuclear and military facilities, and for overall public safety.

In April 2005 South Korean Defense Authorities rejected a contingency plan that would give command authority to the United States military in the event of a North Korean collapse. South Korea's National Security Council on 15 April 2005 said it had vetoed a joint military plan with the United States on how to handle serious turmoil in North Korea, should it arise. South Korean officials said they were dropping the plan because it could limit "South Korea's exercise of its sovereignty." [...]
H/T DPRK Studies

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Ymarsakar said...

Sometimes you got to push them out on their way. If decades were good enough for South Korea, why are they trying to push Iraq the infant out so early?